The Importance of Exhaust System Repairs

The exhaust system of your car or truck is essentially that collection of pipes and parts that expels the gases from it during regular operation. Every time your car’s engine burns fuel, it creates these waste products which must be expelled. These gases must go somewhere but you certainly don’t want them inside the vehicle

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs A/C Repairs

Since summer is on the way you’ll want to ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is fully operational. Nothing is worse than driving down the Escondido Freeway when it’s boiling hot outside and you have to have all the windows open. If your car or truck is having any of these issues with its

We Do All Types of Car & Truck Repairs

It can be time-consuming to take your vehicle to one place to repair the brakes and exhaust system, and to another to do a/c repair. At Alternative Automotive we do all types of auto repair services, so you only have to drive in and let us handle it all. If you’re looking at specific repair services,